zaterdag 12 september 2015

WinNc update - extended period for 25% discount

Dunes MultiMedia updated their version of their file manager WinNc (v7.1.0.0) for Windows 10 on their site:  Still available with a 25% discount for another month. (Coupon code WINNC7)

WinNc – A Norton Commander Clone for Windows 10

windows-app-winnc Version | Added on 11-09-2015 | Filesize: 12,0 MB
Update to the major release. Distributed version with latest bugfixes. Download Norton Commander.
Changes in (11-09-2015)
– Bug: Path control not drawing correctly (#570)
– Bug: Bar next to state tabs is transparant, but should be white in Windows 10 (#568)
– Bug: Exception in options dialog after pressing next in certain conditions (#563)
– Bug: Empty search screen after search (#556)
– Bug: Combo boxes settings (#555)
– Bug: Windows 10 theme has small fonts and overwrite large fonts in 200 dpi screens (#549)
– Bug: Settings saved feedback in option pages for certain options don’t show. (#581)
– Feature: Option to disable notifications in WinNc (#579)
– Bug: WinNc has no signed exe when elevating (#575)
– Bug: New tab colors drive bars below panel blue (#573)

vrijdag 1 mei 2015

WinNc released


Dunes MultiMedia released a new version of their file manager WinNc on their site:  Now available with a 33% discount in the weeks after the release. (Coupon code RLS6600)

WinNc - Major (01-05-2015)

- Feature: Search with regular expressions in viewers/editors (#376)
- Bug: Invalid new FTP file causes a crash (bugreport) (#392)
- Bug: XML editor error when opening an xml file while another editor is already open (#391)
- Bug: Edit XML document throws exception when invalid document (#390)
- Bug: Error 'fOnGetCustomDrive not assigned' when changing language (#389)
- Bug: Quick update on folder with more than 10000 files locks up (#402)
- Bug: Move several hundred files from one folder tells 'Not enough space' warning. (#398)
- Bug: Toolbar show exclamation mark instead of icon. Incorrect icon size in library (#388)
- Bug: WinNc application error window CTRL-A (#20)
- Bug: Crash on icon allocation fixed.
Posted: May 1, 2015, 10:00 am

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Project Timer released

Project Timer – Invoicing software for windows

New in Project Timer v1.1.2.0 is the ability to create and manage invoices based on your time-tracking activities.
In this post you can check out a set of screenshots to see how this works:
Select a set of activities from a Project and “Make invoice”:
Project Timer invoicing

You can add the activities to a “New” invoice or to an existing one:
Invoice settings Project Timer

Enter extra details about the invoice:
Extra detail information invoice

Make a preview of the invoice:
invoice preview in project timer
Once “Invoiced” you cannot change it anymore. (If needed you can set it back to draft for editing):
The activities will be connected to the invoice number:

You can archive the project or set the status to closed so they will not be visable: