zondag 31 maart 2013

WinNc available

Dunes heeft de nieuwe versie van de Norton Commander clone WinNc gereleased: v5.8.0.0

Download WinNc hier: http://winnc.com/norton_commander_download

Verandering in (In het Engels)

- Fixed: Decrypt asks password 2x
- Fixed: Merge target sometimes strange
- Fixed: Active drive in Alt-F1/F2 drive
- Fixed: Strange operation dialog size for CD burn and Create folder
- Fixed: Operation progress stall
- Fixed: Operation fail progress box won't close
- Fixed: Fast copy issues
- Fixed: Memory leak in drive monitor
- Fixed: detection of unavailable network drive
- Fixed: Fast copy issue with zero size file
- Fixed: Multiple operation support improved
- Fixed: Archive extraction error not handled correctly
- Added: Polish translation (thank to ikskoks)
- Added: Failed operation better handled in progress bar.
- Improved: Spanish translation (thanks to Marcelo Pereiro)
- Fixed: Check operation dialog active before reopening.
- Fixed: Audio convert error handling improved
- Improved: Hungarian translation (thanks to Tóth László)
- Improved: German translation (thanks to Dieter Matissek)
- Fixed: Increase room for text in updater
- Fixed: Column autospring and autosize fixed
- Fixed: Icons in operation dialog improved for merge, split and ISO
- Fixed: File time check in confirmation dialog.
- Fixed: Invalid name for FTP avoided
- Fixed: Confirmation dialog issue
- Fixed: Bug with folder colors.
- Fixed: Bug with filters in Move files
- Fixed: drag with full row select only when selected
- Fixed: Zip error fixed.
- Fixed: Insert select not in Windows selection mode to prevent errors.
- Added: Num '/' jumps to root.
- Fixed: Memory problem in FTP site list in WinNc
- Fixed: Russian translation was damaged
- Fixed: Color comboboxes draw issue
- Fixed: Download deep folders in FTP issue
- Fixed: Viewer size after viewing picture incorrect.
- Fixed: Compression level tranlation incorrect
- Fixed: Folder size is lost on refresh / update

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